Candles with natural amber

What makes them unique?

Our company also creates decorative candles with amber, using the traditional methods of production. The highest quality paraffin with added beeswax guarantees a clean, slow and long-lasting – up to 72hrs – burning.

The candle burns in the form of a lantern, warming the amber, which emanates a subtle energy, positively harmonising the surrounding area.

See the available sizes of the candles:

1. The Mini Candle

height: 8 cm
diameter: 5 cm

2. The Small Candle

height: 9 cm
diameter: 8 cm

3. The Tall Candle

height: 15,5 cm
diameter: 8 cm

4. The Medium Candle

height: 10,5 cm
diameter: 9,5 cm

5. The Large Candle

height: 12,5 cm
diameter: 11,5 cm